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New materials

The Archive constantly expands its collection by purchasing new items and receiving donations and deposits. We are interested in materials concerning the activity of Jerzy Grotowski and his collaborators, as well as in those pertaining to other creators who refer to this tradition (even if polemically). We are also equally interested in materials from the fields of theatre and culture in the broadest sense.

The Archive aims to obtain unique or still unknown materials concerning Jerzy Grotowski and the Laboratory Theatre – in the form of documents, press articles, books, photographs, and documentary films. One of the most important of these purchases was the acquisition in 2007 of the collection of photographs by the Italian photographer Maurizio Buscarino. A separate goal in this field is collecting all the editions of Ku teatrowi ubogiemu [Towards a Poor Theatre] that have appeared in various languages.

Simultaneously, the Archive continually broadens its book and journal collections, acquiring volumes that are indispensable to the work of theatre specialists. As well as new publications, we also acquire older materials. We try to obtain the more important non-Polish publications, with particular emphasis on materials in English, Italian and French. The same objectives motivate the expansion of the film library collection with new materials, which are then presented as part of the Institute’s public activities, or in the form of individual viewings organised for our guests.

Film donations comprise an important part of the collection. Among those who have deposited their collections to date are: Zygmunt Molik, the family of Antoni Jaholkowski, Irena Flaszen, Urszula Bielska, and Prof. Zbigniew Osinski.

If you would like to support the Archive by donating originals, or copies of, documents, articles, journals, books, photographs, or film materials, please contact Bruno Chojak (). We also kindly welcome any information as to where to obtain so-far unknown materials.

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