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are practical meetings of a few days' duration, conducted by actors, singers, directors and musicians who collaborated with Jerzy Grotowski in various stages of his activity (among others, Rena Mirecka, Zygmunt Molik, Maud Robart, Abani Biswas, James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta, Ang Gey Pin), as well as by artists inspired by his achievements and who take up a creative relation to them (such as the actors of Odin Teatret, Maisternia Pisni, Theatre ZAR), or whose work connects to the actor’s art in another way (like butoh dancers, or martial arts masters).

Workshops usually take place at the Wrocaw site of the Grotowski Institute (Rynek-Ratusz 27, Na Grobli Street 30/32), or at the forest base in Brzezinka. In Wrocaw, the work normally takes place for between four and six hours a day, whereas in Brzezinka it fills the whole day, with pauses for meal breaks.
Work sessions are paid; their price depends on the leader(s) and the number of participants, as well as the location of the meeting (in Brzezinka, food and accommodation are included in the price).

Contact: Justyna Rodziska-Nair,

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