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The Grotowski Institute took control of the Archive collection from the Archival and Documentation Section of the Centre for Study of Jerzy Grotowski’s Work and for Cultural and Theatrical Research in Wroclaw. The Centre had inherited its collection in turn from Department of Documentation of the Laboratory Theatre’s Wroclaw Second Studio, at its the founding in 1990.

The Archive holds documentation from three previous institutions – archival materials from the Laboratory Theatre, the Wroclaw Second Studio, and the Grotowski Centre – in addition to maintaining the expanding collection of the Centre’s successor, the Grotowski Institute.

These materials form a unique collection of great historical value, devoted largely to the activities of Jerzy Grotowski and his theatre in Wroclaw. The collection, therefore, principally covers the theatrical and paratheatrical periods, and Theatre of Sources. The remaining phases of Jerzy Grotowski’s work abroad, following his emigration, and the dissolution of the Laboratory Theatre, are less well-represented in the source materials. In respect of its aim to document of Jerzy Grotowski's entire creative path, the Archive collects and preserves materials in the form of books, press articles, photographs and film materials that are devoted to all periods of his creative activity.