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Filmography of the work of Jerzy Grotowski and of the Laboratory Theatre

Note: Full audio-visual catalogue will be available shortly. Not all items listed in the filmography are held by the archive of the Institute – unavailable items are indicated in the relevant entries.

Please also note that the archive does not provide copies of films.

1. Kain [Cain], Polish Film Chronicle 12/1960. Antoni Staskiewicz, cameraman. Warsaw: Wytwornia Filmow Dokumentalnych, 1960. Duration: 2 mins.

2. List z Opola [Letter from Opole]. Dir. Michael Elster (a graduation work supervised by Professor Stanislaw Rozewicz). Lodz: Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Teatralna i Filmowa, 1963. Duration: 28 mins.

3. Proba [Rehearsal]. Collective work (commentary by Jerzy Falkowski), an amateur film recording of a rehearsal of Studium o Hamlecie [Hamlet Study] by Jerzy Grotowski. Opole: Akademicki Klub Filmowy 'Kreciolek', 1964. Duration: 9 mins.

4. Teatr Laboratorium [The Laboratory Theatre]. Dir. Michael Elster (an English language adaptation of the film List z Opola). United Kingdom: Contemporary Films, 1964. Duration: 19 mins.

5. Laboratorium Grotowskiego [The Laboratory of Grotowski]. (For ‘The Polish Film Chronicle’). Zygmunt Samosiuk, cameraman. Warsaw: Wytwornia Filmow Dokumentalnych, 1965. Duration: 2 mins.

6. The Constant Prince (a documentary record of the final scenes of the performance in Oslo). By Torgeir Wethal, 1966. Duration: 8 mins.

7. Principe Costante. Riconstruzzione [The Constant Prince. Reconstruction] L’Istituto del Teatro e dello Spettacolo dell’ Universita di Roma (production date not know). Duration: 48 mins.

8. Jerzy Grotowski et son Théâtre Laboratoire de Wroclaw. Grotowski ou... Socrate est-il Polonais? [Jerzy Grotowski and his Laboratory Theatre from Wroclaw. Grotowski, or… is Socrates a Pole?] Jean-Marie Drot. 1967. Duration: 54 mins.

9. Akropolis. Dir. James McTaggart. New York: Lewis Fredman, for Public Broadcast Laboratory, 1969. Duration: 82 mins.

10. Jerzy Grotowski in Conversation with Margaret Croyden for Camera 3. Dir. and prod. Merill Brockway. Creative Arts Television, 1969, 54 mins.

11. Training al teatro-laboratorio di Wroclaw / Training at the ‘Teatr Laboratorium’ in Wroclaw. Dir. Torgeir Wethal. RAI, 1971. Duration: 91 mins.

12. Pod drzwiami [By the Door] (short for the ‘Polish Film Chronicle’). A. Marczewski, W. Grodzki, H. Paszkowska. Warsaw: Wytwornia Filmow Dokumentalnych, 1971. Duration: 2 mins.

13. Interview by Jaroslaw Szymkiewicz with Jerzy Grotowski. Warsaw: 1972. Duration: 9 mins.

14. An interview with Jerzy Grotowski. Jerzy Szymkiewicz. Program II Telewizji Polskiej, 1972. Duration: 34 mins.

15. Conversations About Theater, Part I, Jerzy Grotowski. By Margaret Croyden. Dir. Merrill Brockway. Camera Three, 1973. Duration: 29 mins.

16. Starting material for the film Teatr i nie-teatr [Theatre and Non-Theatre]. By Elzbieta Sitek and Jaroslaw Szymkiewicz. Realised at the training session ‘Spotkania robocze’ directed by Stanislaw Scierski, actor of the Laboratory Theatre in Wroclaw, 1974. Duration: 18 mins.

17. Spotkanie z Jerzym Grotowskim [A Meeting with Jerzy Grotowski]. An interview by Witold Filler. Realised by Tadeusz Pikulski. Warsaw: Naczelna Redakcja Publicystyki Kulturalnej, Telewizja Polska, 1975. Duration: 29 mins.