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Regula contra Regulam

Regula contra Regulam (RcR) is a theatre laboratory directed by Raúl Iaiza, focused on bridges and contradictions between training and mise-en-scène. Its activity is concentrated in two areas: education and research.

“I believe that the relationship – the bridges – between the frameworks of training on the one hand and mise-en-scène and creative work on the other hand can only be tackled by accepting the paradox of having to create rules that are destined to be breached, while the act of breaching them inevitably becomes the rule. Banks and bridges are constantly crumbling and reshaping themselves…”  
Raúl Iaiza

In the educational field RcR holds professional workshops for actors and directors, Regula contra Regulam Open Sessions, led by a permanent team of masters assisted by guest masters.
These workshops take place twice a year in Brzezinka, the forest base of the Grotowski Institute. In addition, other special projects are held periodically in various countries.
By gathering professionals, apprentices and scholars from different cultures, every Open Session is not only the practical work but also provides the opportunity to hold work demonstrations, conferences and video screenings.


Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski
Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski
 Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski  Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski
 Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski  Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski
Previous sessions

In the research field, RcR is currently working on two projects: Regola dei Laudesi and Fugue of Training.
Regola dei Laudesi is an international research programme focused on the theatrical potential of the musical and dramatic repertoire of laudari from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, in particular Laudario di Cortona (Cortona Ms. 91, ca. 1270–1297), the oldest collection of laudi written in vulgar Italian (volgare). 

Work team: Raquel Alarcon, Viviana Bovino, Maria Kapala, Giulia Varotto, Andrea Coppone, Raúl Iaiza (work leader)

Fugue of Training. Studies on different approaches to classic training is a pure research project focused on the potential of the development of the actor’s physical and vocal training, supervized by Mario Barzaghi (Teatro dell’Albero) and, formerly, by Torgeir Wethal (Odin Teatret), with Raúl Iaiza as a performer.