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Performance Research: On Performatics, issue editors: Richard Gough and Grzegorz Ziółkowski, vol. 13

Data: June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-41549440-3
Format: 270x210 mm
Liczba stron: 150
Cena: 49 zł

In December 2006 the Grotowski Centre in Wrocław, Poland hosted an international conference entitled Performance Studies and Beyond. The event celebrated the translation and publication of Richard Schechner’s textbook Performance Studies: An Introduction, but the conference hosts and conveners were keen to think beyond the North American schools of performance studies and seek relevance and application for the term (and field) within the advanced and sophisticated modes of theatre studies in Poland. […]
We hoped this issue of Performance Research could function as an extension of the conference’s debates and findings. We especially wanted the journal’s pages to help balance the voices of Polish and non-Polish speakers, as, at the conference, Polish theatre scholars and practitioners listened to the representatives of theatre and performance studies from abroad and, even though reflections and counter-opinions were shared and doubts and reservations expressed, the conference was mainly a one-way street. Now, the collaboration on this issue of the journal creates the chance to address and redress this. [an excerpt from the Editorial]