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Rules for viewing

We kindly request that you specify the field of research before your visit, so that we can consider which materials to be made available to you (and also perhaps suggest further or alternative materials). Please submit a letter of reference issued by your university or college, or by the delegating institution, signed by your supervisor or superior, specifying the purpose of your visit to the Archive.


  • Published materials are accessible without restrictions; unpublished materials are accessible only with the consent of the Institute’s management, following the submission of details of the research project by the applicant.
  • Both published and unpublished materials are to be viewed only in the Grotowski Institute Reading Room.


  • Published materials may be photocopied for a fee of 0,6 PLN/A4 page, and 0,8 PLN/A3 page
  • Unpublished materials may not be photocopied; however taking notes from the contents of these documents is allowed.  In certain cases, exceptions may be made, provided that the content of a given document corresponds exactly to the guest’s field of research. This will be decided at the discretion of Archive staff. In such cases, the researcher should draw up a list of the materials that require photocopying (the price for copying is 3PLN per A4 page, 4PLN per A3 page); the list will then need the approval of the Programme Director. After receiving the permission of the Grotowski Institute, the researcher must then contact the author of the document, or their heirs where appropriate, and obtain permission to make copies (this is not applicable to official letters). The materials will be copied and sent to the researcher after the Archive has received the signed permission of the author or legal heir (who may want to view the document’s content – in which case they will be sent a copy or a scan of the document).

Film screenings

that are requested outside the official programme of the Institute will incur a fee – projected screenings in the Cinema space are chargeable at the amount of 4 PLN per person, per hour of presentation.

Assistance from Archive staff

Foreign guests (and Polish researchers who speak neither English nor French) may consult the Archivist about the contents of materials for up to one hour daily. Consulting staff beyond this time is possible, provided that it does not collide with other staff duties, and is chargeable at 60 PLN per hour.

The researcher are requested to signs an agreement on the use of copied sets:

I hereby commit myself to use the unpublished documents from the Archive of the Grotowski Institute only for my own research and/or didactic purposes, and not to publish them either in part or in full. I take full legal responsibility for any and all quotations, and will indicate the source of all materials cited in my work (the Archive of the Grotowski Institute).

Bruno Chojak
Sylwia Fiakiewicz