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The Grotowski Institute welcomes the collaboration of volunteers. We kindly request organisational assistanceduring ventures such as theatre festivals, presentations, meetings, conferences and work sessions, as well as support for the archival, promotional, and publishing activities. In return for their help, volunteers receive, among other benefits, free admission to performances and workshops. The volunteers’ work is by its nature unpaid, with the exception of expenses borne in the course of, and due to, the undertaking of their duties.

Volunteers working at the Grotowski Institute are expected to be responsible, punctual and diligent; they should also handle the  equipment entrusted to them with care, and take good care of the working spaces. A fundamental characteristic required of volunteers at the Grotowski Institute is their willingness to cultivate a sound work ethic.

Duties and benefits of volunteer work at Grotowski Institute

A volunteer undertakes to:

  • Fill out and – when necessary – update a survey containing information essential to ensuring duties entrusted to the volunteer are in accordance with his or her experience, skills, and interests
  • Collaborate in the preparation and running of events held at the Institute, thus enabling the permanent staff to receive necessary assistance on certain projects
  • Remain in continuous (if needed, daily) contact with the employees of the Institute with whom the volunteer works directly
  • Keep employees in the departments in which the volunteer operates informed about his or her availability
  • Submit regular reports on completion of the assigned tasks

A volunteer has the right to:

  • Purchase tickets for the events held at the Institute with a 20% discount, or to participate, at no charge and with the agreement of the director, in those with which he or she has helped directly, provided there is a sufficient number of places available
  • Take part in work sessions at the Institute at a 50% discount, or free of charge for those with which he or she has helped directly, with the director’s approval and depending on available places
  • Purchase the Institute’s publications at cost price
  • Make use of the collection of the Archive of the Grotowski Institute (including video materials) outside the normal public opening hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1–4 pm) – on the condition of having agreed a convenient time with Archive staff
  • Receive a certificate confirming the duties performed, either during or at the end of his or her collaboration with the Institute
  • Request a letter of recommendation, including an appraisal of the quality of his or her work, attitude, and professionalism