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Rynek-RatuszBrzezinkaNa Grobli

Author: Grzegorz Ziókowski

January 2016
114x162 mm

In English

Price: 2 Euro


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This book contains a handful of reflections which create the intellectual background for STUDIo||ROSA’s training and performance work and which are its specific extensions. These thoughts – included in the ten ‘texts for nothing’ – emerged as if from under the floor, ‘from the underground’ and took shape in anticipation of the practice, during its course and during its aftermath. Hopefully they may turn out to be useful for others and help them to see more clearly their own pathways.

“Theatre must be ruthless if it wants to survive as art.

Theatre as a tool used to help create, maintain, strengthen and purify social bonds (for example, local community theatre, prison theatre, theatre as an expression of the convictions of ethnic, racial, or gender minorities) will keep developing, because there is such a demand. This demand increases due to the domination of technology and the deficit of face-to-face encounters between people, which is a consequence of this domination.

But theatre understood as art? How many people suckle on the illusion of the necessity of its existence only because it is already part of tradition and for this reason should be guaranteed a place in social space? How large is that handful for whom theatre as art is something essential for life, just like air or food?”

An extract from the text About theatre


Grzegorz Ziókowski is a teacher, director, editor, translator, and author of books on Peter Brook (2000) and Jerzy Grotowski (2007). He is Professor in the Drama, Theatre and Performance Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Pozna (AMU). He directs STUDIO || ROSA and the Acting Techniques Intensive Seminar ATIS. He is currently writing a book on self-immolation in contemporary culture.