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Hands-on P’ansori Teaching and Learning


Workshop with Chan E. Park


Tue–Thu 19–21 April 2016, 9:00–13:00

Na Grobli Studio, ZARzone

The workshop will be conducted in English


Contact and application
Please email your completed application form by 3 April 2016 to Ewelina Sochacka at Please include in the subject of the email ‘VoicEncounters workshops’ followed by the name of the chosen workshop. We will get back to you by 5 April 2016. The number of places is limited.


Fee: 75 EUR


This workshop of p’ansori singing provides an opportunity for participants to explore their respective intercultural voices as they attempt to get familiarised with the tones, pitch, emotional tropes and lyrics that transport Korean poetic sentiments into our transnational present. A few sample songs crafted in several prominent rhythmic cycles from the classical p’ansori narratives will be introduced. Participants will be provided with Romanised song lyrics prior to the workshop sessions. No other preparation is necessary.


Chan E. Park earned her PhD from the University of Hawaii (1995), and is currently Professor of Korean Language, Literature and Performance and Director of the Sungkyu Chris Lee Korean Performance Research Program at the Ohio State University. Her specialties include research and performance of Korean musical and narrative tradition. Park has published extensively on Korean performativity and its interdisciplinary implications, including the monograph Voices from the Straw Mat: Toward an Ethnography of Korean Story Singing (2003) and the ‘Songs of Thorns and Flowers: Bilingual Performance and Discourse on Modern Korean Poetry’ series (2010–ongoing). Park is the innovator of ‘bilingual p’ansori’, which she has presented at numerous locations around the world. She has singly or collaboratively produced a number of world premieres including: Centennial P'ansori: In 1903, Pak Hungbo Went to Hawaii (2003), When Tiger Smoked His Pipe (2003), Shim Ch’ong: A Korean Folktale (2003), Alaskan P'ansori: Klanott and the Land Otter People (2005), Pak Hûngbo Went to Almaty (2007), Song of Everyday Ch’unhyang (2008), Fox Hunts and Freedom Fighters: Korean and Western Women in Seoul 1894–1920 (2009), Fox Hunt and the Death of a Queen (2012), Hare Returns from the Underwater Palace (2013).

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