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Atelier 2008
Atelier 2008
Suspension of Expression

30 June – 27 July 2008

Directed by: Jarosław Fret and Dr. Grzegorz Ziółkowski  

The Atelier consists of a series of practical and theoretical work sessions for actors, musicians, singers, dancers and theatre people, with the aim of working on craft in the primary meaning of the word. Craft involves the ability to discover creative motivation within oneself, to make use of tools and to keep the working spaces in order (both studio and environmental spaces and the spaces of the body and the voice).

These elements comprise the skeleton of the actor’s creative preparation for actions, the core of which is re-cognition and commitment. 

The Atelier 2008 was focused on the problem of the ‘suspension of expression′ as a creative need and force in the art of the actor. 


The programme of the Atelier consisted of: a theatre Festival Openings and Courses.  

Openings were presentations of performances, concerts and demonstrations of work that were open to wider audiences. Presentations were made mainly by artists whose projects are realised along the promotional line of the Grotowski Institute.

In 2008, the following ensembles shared their works:

Courses were conducted within 3 five-day units which embraced independent lines of work developed by separate artists (over 200 hours of practices in total). Apart from this, the programme includes: theoretical classes, meetings with work leaders and film presentations, with introductions.

The work of the Atelier was drawn together during the final two days, which were dedicated to individual meetings, presentations of participants’ work, evaluation and summary.


The sessions took place at the site of the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw – in the historical space of the Laboratory Theatre (Rynek Ratusz 27) – as well as at the forest base of the Institute in Brzezinka: the site of the realisation of the paratheatrical projects of Jerzy Grotowski in the 1970s and of his Theatre of Sources in the early 1980s. 


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