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The Grotowski InstituteThe Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, is an institution which combines artistic and scholarly research projects that correspond to the challenges laid down by Jerzy Grotowski’s creative practice. The Grotowski Institute emerged out of the Centre for Study of Jerzy Grotowski’s Work and for Cultural and Theatrical Research, which existed from 1989, and operates from the former Laboratory Theatre premises located in Wroclaw’s Old Market Square and from the forest base of Brzezinka. The change of the name and the statute, which took place on 28th December 2006, marks a realignment, expansion and development of the institution’s programmes. The Grotowski Institute continues the lines of work run by the Grotowski Centre, whilst placing more emphasis on education, promotion, producing and publishing.

Inauguration of the Grotowski Institute. From left: Ludwik Flaszen, Grzegorz Ziolkowski, Jaroslaw Fret, Jaroslaw Broda, Rafal Dutkiewicz. Phot. Lukasz Giza Giving equal focus to all these fields of activity is essential, and it is through a renewed emphasis on young people’s education and their artistic activity that the Institute is able to remain a living entity, which initiates and stimulates the development of a new generation of artists and other people devoted to culture. The Grotowski Institute is the direct and sole successor to the activities and heir to the possessions of the Grotowski Centre, and remains an organisation that carries out a range of undertakings within the domains of culture, education and the arts. The Institute serves as a kind of vehicle that facilitates work on oneself.

WroclawThe new name refers to that of Grotowski’s theatre, which operated at 27 Rynek-Ratusz in Wroclaw between 1965 and 1984. Grotowski added the suffix Institute for Studies of Acting Method' (abbreviated to 'Actor’s Institute' in 1970) to the original title of 'Laboratory Theatre' (which also bore the additional suffix 'of 13 Rows' until the beginning of 1967), when he decided to continue his work in Wroclaw. In the mid-1970s another name change, to 'Laboratory Institute', was proposed but not formally adopted. Such a solution enabled him to conduct 'practical studies on the technical principles of theatre art, focused on the creative technique of the actor', and relieved him of the necessity to produce performances. This allowed Grotowski to reinforce and expand his research and studio work, which greatly contributed to the historical transformation of 20th century theatre.