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Research Programme


The primary focus of the Institute’s research activities is the legacy of Jerzy Grotowski and his Laboratory Theatre. The most essential in this respect is the work done within the Archive and the Documentation Section. It is our duty to finish organizing the archive records and make them available to all interested individuals and organizations. In the coming years we plan to create a database that will allow easy access to all information and to digitize (at least in part) our collection. We also want to complete Grotowski’s bibliography and chronology, and publish the essential corpus of his texts.


In addition to research into Grotowski’s work and his tradition, the Institute continues its work on the Polish traditions that informed Grotowski’s work such as a broadly conceived Romantic tradition and Juliusz Osterwa’s and Mieczysaw Limanowski’s Reduta Theatre. is an important space for the Institute’s research and education activities. Continually expanded, it is intended to become an online repository of knowledge on Grotowski and his theatre, a platform to showcase the Institute’s activities and research and to engage in discussion.


The Institute’s educational and academic activities are mostly concentrated within the Open University of Research , a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience for exponents of various schools, perspectives and methodologies offering novel approaches and engaging issues absent from or inadequately addressed in existing curricula. With the exception of Summer Seminars, all lectures and workshops are conducted in Polish.


Many of these activities make use of the Institute’s Reading Room, which opened in 2010. The reading room provides an inviting environment to explore archival publications on Grotowski and an extensive collection of Polish and international publications on theatre and performance. It also offers access to audio and video collections, including recordings of performances.




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