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Open University of Research

The Open University of Research is a programme of regular lectures and workshops held at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocaw, aimed at all interested individuals, especially students of Polish universities.
The initiative builds on the tradition of open universities operating on the margins of, or outside, the higher education system, and draws inspiration from the University of Research of the Theatre of Nations, an event held in Wrocaw in 1975, conceived and organized by Jerzy Grotowski.

The Open University of Research is a platform for the free exchange of knowledge and experience for exponents of various schools, perspectives and methodologies offering novel approaches and engaging issues absent from or inadequately addressed in existing curricula. An open initiative operating outside the higher education system, it will be, we hope, an important complement to university education in the fields of theatre, performance and cultural studies.

The Open University of Research offers a number of parallel programmes. Modes of participation may vary, depending on the needs of participants.

With the exception of Summer Seminars, lectures and workshops are conducted in Polish.

Open University of Research  Programmes