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Core Courses


These are year-long courses of lectures and workshops organized around a main theme. Sessions are typically held monthly. The courses combine university lectures, presentations of unique source material and documentation, and practical workshops.

Lectures are conducted in Polish.



CORE COURSE 2015/2016
Teatr poza teatr
[Theatre Beyond Theatre]

CORE COURSE 2014/2015
Zapomniane rewolucje: Druga Reforma Teatru
[The Forgotten Revolutions: The Second Theatre Reform]

CORE COURSE 2013/2014
Stulecie aktorów. Sztuka aktorska w teatrze Zachodu midzy XIX a XXI wiekiem
[A Century of Actors. The Art of Acting in the Western Theatre Between the 19th and 21st Centuries]

CORE COURSE 2012/2013
Wielka? Reforma? Teatru?
[Great? Theatre? Reform?]

CORE COURSE 2011/2012
Kultury przedstawie – przedstawienia kultur: Indie

[Cultures of Performance – Performances of Cultures: India]

CORE COURSE 2010/2011
Performatyka i inne tace
[Performance Studies and Other Dances]