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Educational Programme

The educational line encompasses all the fields of activity of the Grotowski Institute and includes both the theoretical (The Open Univesity of Research) and the practical aspects –  workshops.

These are complemented by presentations and lectures, such as:

  • screenings at the Theatre Cinema, 
  • meetings around books
  • guest lectures

Additionally, the educational aspect is carried out through meetings with secondary school and university students, including:
  • Theatre A-Grade (addressed to high school students from Wroclaw and other towns in Lower Silesia)
  • Exchanges of Work (work meetings taking place once every semester, which aim to establish ongoing collaboration with young researchers and independent theatre artists)

All the activities within the educational line – both practical and theoretical – are closely connected. The programme of the Institute is constructed so that workshop participants also have the opportunity to attend performances, concerts, work demonstrations, Theatre Cinema screenings and book talks. In this way, the concept of an integrated education within and through the field of art can be put into practice.