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The Theatre Laboratorium - Illustrations

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A poster on the occasion of the laboratory Theatre's 20th Anniversary, 1979. Designed by Krzysztof Bednarski
A poster of The Tree of People, Teatr Laboratorium in Wroclaw, 1979. Designed by Krzysztof Bednarski
Antoni Jaholkowski, 1980. Phot. Private archive
Zbigniew Cynkutis, 1986. Phot. Marek Grotowski
A poster of Polish Thanatos, 1981. Designed by Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz
Stanislaw Scierski, 18th June 1983. Phot. Jan Bortkiewicz
Ryszard Cieslak, 1989. Phot. Private archive
Andrzej Bielski, beginning of the eighties
Jerzy Gurawski, 2000. Phot. Private archive